[SY] #2 Eureka, High School



by. Bong Eun Seo


I spent my middle school years in a small boarding school, so I spent very long time with my friends. For we shared the same everyday life for years, we had our small habits. One of them was saying “Good night” to each other before going to bed. It is a very natural thing, but it became a custom, or the last step to finish each day before we knew. As it became a part of our everyday life, I didn’t really realize we were doing that even until I graduated. Then at the first night in CSIA, I had a short talk by messages with one of my middle school friends. When she finished our talk with sending “Good night” to me, only then I realized that I was really in a whole new environment, away from the school that I lived with friends who are like my family. However, I was not sad or feeling blue about that. I was more inspired and feeling happy with the fact that I have friends to say good night even from a long distance, and also new people to say good night from now on.

A common phrase “Good night” was the most inspiring word I heard on the very first week in CSIA. Since the moment I heard “Good night” became my Eureka moment, I hope every time I share “Good night” with my roommate from now on, I can refresh myself as I am starting my high school life.


good night4

source of the photo : https://www.lovethispic.com/image/207947/goodnight-image-with-the-ocean-at-night

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