[SY] #1 About My Name


by. Bong Eun Seo


My name is Bong Eun Seo. If I write it in Korean it is 봉은서, and 奉恩瑞 in Chinese characters. The first letter means to be respected or honored, the next letter means favor, and the last letter means a good omen. I can’t perfectly understand the meaning until now, but I know it has a message for me to do favor and be a good omen to others.

When I first received this topic, I knew I didn’t have any special anecdote related to my name. I have heard of some of my friends’ or acquaintance’s stories about how their name was made. There was a friend who’s grandfather, who is actually her mother’s father-in-law, gave three names that sounds like cartoon characters. Her mother was a bit shocked that her father-in-law suggested those unique and peculiar, but anyway she had no other choice. Now, my friend is actually very satisfied with her name.

However, mine is relatively ordinary. My parents chose this name together, and the only thing I know is that my father suggested changing the last character. The initial name my parents planned to give me used three letters which mean to be respected, a favor, and to indwell. Then my father thought the meaning of the name sounded too plain. He wanted my name to have some sort of special meaning or strength, so he suggested to alternated the last letter to a character that has the same sound but has a meaning of luck or a good omen. As a result, I am quite happy with my name.

My name is not too common and not too peculiar, and the only thing my name reminds of is the heroine from a very famous Korean drama “Autumn’s Tale,” which a very famous Korean actress Song Hye Gyo played and became popular all around the world. In fact, my family name is the unique part. According to 2003 statistics, there are 286 family names in Korea. Among those family names, my family name Bong is very unique. Except my family members, I have seen or heard of three people who has the same family name with me. This unique family name has become one of special things about me, and helped some people easily remember my name. Since my name is something that makes me special, I hope I can live a life that fulfills my name’s meaning and what my parents meant when they gave me this name.


(photo credit : https://leftfootforwardsite.wordpress.com/2015/12/11/a-culture-of-names/)


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