[SY]#3 (Project) Why Is This Topic Important?


by. Bong Eun Seo


<Topic : Does Everybody Has To Be Good At Studying?>

I consider this a very important topic. It is because education and studying is the very first highly difficult task we face after we are born. Of course, there are quite a big portion of children in the world who aren’t provided the () amount of education. However, most children are (-ed) to participate in

This question is very important not only for me but also everyone in this world. It is because this question is the key of most problems emerging in education area nowadays. We all were once students, are students now, or will be a student. Some will be the parents of the students or teachers of the students. Whether one participate in education in a role of student or teacher, most people’s life are deeply engaged in education nowadays. That means this question, which is the key of solving educational problems, is an important question to any one of us.


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*Ten new ideas, concepts, facts, directions, movers-and-shakers, statistics

  1. Famous people who were good/not good at studying
  2. Good at studying = competent?
  3. Is higher education(university) need to everyone?
  4. Private education
  5. Does GPA show that person’s ability?
  6. Quality of public education
  7. Educational gap between the rich and poor
  8. Errki Aho, the leader of educational revolution in Finland
  9. American education policy : NCLB and race to the top
  10. Competitive learning



(photo credit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/scubasteveo/296747958)


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