[NS] #1 North and South Korea

by. Bong Eun Seo

Division of North and South Korea has been a very commonly discussed problem, but it is also one of the biggest and most difficult disequilibrium that the North and the South shares. As a students of South Korea, I know every single students in South Korea have written an essay or drawn a picture about unification at least once. We are that much used to this disequilibrium. However, nobody can easily come up with a good solution. Why? It is because both countries have problems that lead to disequilibrium between each other.

The biggest problem that North Korea has is that it isn’t showing any will to cooperate. The North won’t yield in unifying the two countries with one political idea, and they only considers unification with Juche ideology (Baldwin). Also, they are still working on developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile, showing that they are still watching out on the South (Feffer). Another problem that the North has is their attitude toward unification. They are showing an ambivalence, which means in fact they don’t really want unification, but they pretend to do so just to get benefit. Gaeseong Industrial Complex is one of the examples.

On the other hand, there are problems in the South, too. First of all, South Korea is not exactly ready for unification. For the South is in a better state in political, social, or economical standard, unification between those two countries would most likely to go with the South as the center. However, the Southern government haven’t come up with any specific plan of unification, and how to cover up the vast economic loss when the two countries are unified. Practically, the South isn’t ready for unification (Phillips). Also, the Southern government need to deal with the possibility of remaining power of the North causing social disorder (Kim). A specific plan on how to maintain security and manage the military system is needed.

It is clear that the North and South both have problems that should be solved in order for Korean peninsula to reunify. Nobody can say the North or the South is the problem. Both sides have obstacles blocking them from pushing the unification ahead. We will need to hasten ourselves to solve all the problems, so that we can forget all those previous fights between countries. Also we will have to overcome all the differences in culture, custom, conversational language, and even sentences used in literature to achieve a real reunification of Korean peninsula.

north and south korea.jpg

(photo credit : http://www.wilx.com/home/headlines/South-Korea-wants-to-talk-Unification-with-North-Korea-287004421.html)

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