[SY] #5 (Project) Outline – The Importance Of Uneducated


by. Bong Eun Seo


<Topic : Should Everybody Be Good At Studying?>

1.  Introduction

  • Studying is the duty of a student.
  • Should everybody be good at studying?
  • Importance of this question

2. Body 1 : Yes, everybody should be good at studying

  • Being good at studying is the most important value in every aspects of modern society, so every students should pursue doing well at school
  • Being good at studying indicates that the person is competent in any area
    • Doing well at school shows sincerity, comprehension, level of background knowledge, etc…
    • These values are needed in any area
  • The modern society wants students who do well at school
    • It is fair for any boss to want subordinate possessing these values
    • The society think highly of those values

3. Body 2 : No, not everybody should be good at studying

  • If students possess basic knowledge needed in any area of life, not every students should do very well at school; they can rather focus on their own areas
  • Every students have their own aptitude and interest
    • High level knowledge of a certain area isn’t needed for everyone
    • Ex) Someone who wants to become a florist doesn’t really have to get an A in physics.
  • Studying without purpose is inefficient
    • 자신의 분야에 필요하거나 흥미가 있어서 하는 공부가 아니면 목적 의식이 없어 효율적이지도 않고 전문성도 떨어짐

4. Conclusion

  • Most discussed question in education area
  • Directly connected to education that our students receive



*Annotated Bibliography

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*Ten new ideas, concepts, facts, directions, movers-and-shakers, statistics

  1. Famous people who were good/not good at studying
  2. Good at studying = competent?
  3. Is higher education(university) need to everyone?
  4. Private education
  5. Does GPA show that person’s ability?
  6. Quality of public education
  7. Educational gap between the rich and poor
  8. Errki Aho, the leader of educational revolution in Finland
  9. American education policy : NCLB and race to the top
  10. Competitive learning



(photo credit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/scubasteveo/296747958)


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