[SY] #8 (Project) PSA Introduction


Topic : Should everybody be good at studying?


In my Public Service Announcement video, I basically wanted to talk about “studying.” The video starts with my hand drawing a letter “A.” It means getting an A at school, and to be broad, it represents “being good at studying.” Then there are some words like “diversity” and “professionalism,” and some boxes piled up to reach a door. By all of these doodles, I wanted to talk about the meaning of A and the education now. We all try to get an A at school, but never have though deeply about the reason why we seek for A. Education that makes students aim for just an A can never help them reach the door to their dreams. Especially high schools should offer specialized curriculum which actually help students prepare for their future job. By this PSA video, I wanted people to seriously think about this problem.


(photo credit : http://www.ciit-ph.com/blog/k-12-a-review-of-the-new-senior-high-school-grading-system/)



<PSA Video Script>

Do you want an A? Of course we all want an A. It’s better than B!

But, there is something we should think about.

Why do you need an A? For what?

Do you need A on every subject to become a great scientist, teacher, or a football player?

There is something way more important than just getting an A.

We call it “diversity” or “professionalism.”

Let’t pretend you’re a student who wants to become a biologist.

You learn basic things in elementary school, and develop those knowledges in middle school.

Going through this procedure, you found out you like biology and you are good at it.

Now, high school should provide you with an advanced knowledge and practical experience to help you become a biologist.

However, actual high school would only give you advanced version of subjects and force you to do well in every subject, regardless of your interest or talent.

Well, this is the reason why we should consider this question; Should everybody be good at studying?


(URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8zDDoanF_I)

(My PSA video clip : 8:00-9:08)



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