[SY] #10 Debate – Death Penalty


by. Bong Eun Seo


*I served as the MC for two debates; one dealing with death penalty, and another related to sunshine policy. In this blog entry, I will focus on introducing the death penalty debate.


Motion : THBT Death Penalty Should Be Banned


1) Speakers


1st speaker : Lee Sea Un (PM)

2nd speaker : Kang Ma Ri (DPM)(reply)

3rd speaker : Kim Ih Hyeon



1st speaker : Jeong You Young (LO)

2nd speaker : Shin Jeong Won (LO, reply)

3rd speaker : Choi See Won


2) Argument


  1. Life is valuable and it should not be used as a method of violating human rights.

  2. Death penalty will become a financial burden for the country

  3. Death penalty will lead to abuse of government power and it could be executed in an unfair way or to innocents.



  1. Death penalty is the most effective way for eradication of crimes.

  2. Death penalty is the most appropriate way of retribution of criminal outrages and maintenance of secure society.

  3. Death penalty is the cheapest and the most effective way to reduce crime and punish criminals.

  4. Death penalty is not necessarily a cruel method of punishment.


3) My Judgement

Carefully listening to both sides as an MC, I want to say that the government side won the debate. They had strong arguments and specific supporting details with clear source of reference. Also the speakers were clearly presenting their arguments and they showed incredible concentration and gumption toward opposing speakers and the audience who were making Point of information. But above all, their had very sincere attitude and seemed like they were really talking from their hearts. Especially during their reply speech, I could feel the deep heart of Jeong(情) toward humanity. Feeling their sincere heart about the motion, I decided to hold the government side’s hand in conclusion.


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death penalty

(photo credit : https://prezi.com/rvne37uetohr/death-penalty/)


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