[SY] #1 Future of Seoul; Starbase Yorktown Appears in the New Star Trek Movie


by. Bong Eunseo


Last Wednesday, the third movie of Star Trek: Alternate Original Series(AOS)’ J.J. Abrams, the director of previous AOS movies, left the team to join the Star Wars team, and Justin Lin took the position. Although he did make a big progress on the whole series by taking the role of filming the reboot movie series, J.J. Abrams was told to be inappropriate to be a part of Star Trek because of his attitude toward the franchise⏤which made this significant change a very good news to the fans. With Justin Lin directing, the movie was However, I believe this is a good news for not only Star Trek fans, but also the whole world.

Star Trek, a big sci-fi franchise, is basically set in a future world where an ideal unification of the entire globe has come true. In fact, the earth is included in ‘United Federation of planets’ with roughly 150 planets around the universe. This background set shows what kind of philosophy does Star Trek pursues, or what message does the franchise wants to deliver; the ideal unification of the entire world. All Star Trek TV series and movies emphasizes the equality on every kind of creature, and living in cooperation. Under this theme,the main characters include black people, Asian, and LGBT. Also, Women performing in a high-rank position looks perfectly normal in the series, and the main female character is depicted as a very active, aggressive character. This is incredible, given that the first TV series of Star Trek was first on TV 50 years ago, which was 1966.

Many people worried that the reboot movie series was off the track, from the fundamental philosophy of the whole franchise. Star Trek is based on a imaginary future world where the ideal world of peace and development has come true. Most part of the whole universe it united under the control of United Federation of Planets, and they share the same goal of universal peace. There is no discrimination over any kinds and species of the universal population, and there is no gap between the rich and poor. Job is only considered as a self-realization, and everybody has the right to be free and to live in safety.

Yorktown is a fine example for illustrating this ideal society. Basically it is a starbase—not a planet—built by Starfleet, to be used as the base not only for starships to anchor and stay for few days, but also for transportation, defense, and military purpose. Any citizen under the federation can live here, although the family of crew members of Starfleet have the priority. For this place is perfectly artificial construction, its gravity is also artificially generated. Due to this, gravitational force in Yorktown works in a quite special structure, as you can see in the picture below.

Then why is this so important news to everybody, not just Trekkies? It is because our most ideal future sight of the city. In the field of science, starbase like Yorktown is a good choice for future humanity. We are already running out of space. Is it just the matter of space? Definitely no. Soon, mankind will experience severe lack of food and shelter, due to worldwide overpopulation. This kind of technology might the the answer to the upcoming problem. We are already working on finding another home planet for humans in the space. In two hundred years, I am quite sure we actually can make it to Mars or any other possible mother planet. Then we will start to explore through the milky way and soon be making space the field of human beings. Building starbases like Yorktown will solve the food and shelter problem.

Also, Yorktown is the ideal sight of our future city for its system. Unlike planets, Yorktown is a starbase where all species of creatures combine and live together. As I’ve already mentioned, there is no discrimination or conflicts between species or races. When you watch the movie, you can find various of alien species in Yorktown. Yorktown is where all these species are mixed to make one whole city, where children of human and alien grow together and citizens of different species meet. In the future, every cities of the earth should be like Yorktown, where various species and lives mix together to form one whole community, regardless of their race, homeland, or any other background they have.

Who knows if we will be actually having this kind of life in 23rd century? ‘Back to the Future’ came true, ‘Minority Report’ is becoming true, so why not Star Trek? Besides, some of the technologies from the old Star Trek series are already existing around us. Yorktown is somehow the future of our earth, maybe the future Seoul. I recommend you find out how Yorktown, our future Seoul, looks like in the theater!



(Photo Credit : http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Starbase_Yorktown)


Star Trek Beyond.jpg

(photo credit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tvq3y8BhZ2s)


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