[SH] #3 First Debate


by. Bong Eunseo


Motion : THBT Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

Position : Government – Deputy Prime Minister


1. Main points of Government side

: As the government side, our team insisted that the death penalty should be abolished for several reasons. Our first reason was that the system of capital punishment is weak and easy to be misused. Sentencing a person to death is a very complex problem, but in some cases it is overused. There are many cases where people who were sentenced to death turned out to be innocent. Other punishment can end right there and the judicial can compensate that person with something, while death penalty is irrevocable. Human dignity and cost were the other reasons for our opinion. The death penalty violates the right to live which happens to be the most basic of all human rights. Also, implementing and insisting on the death penalty system is financially a burden to the government budget, according to Korean Ministry of Statistics reference.


2. Main points of Opposition side

: The opposition side strongly suggested that the death penalty actually deters the crime rate. They showed some statistics as an evidence, saying countries which still perform capital punishment has lower rate of crime. Also, they insisted that the weight of the criminal’s life is never the same with the victim’s. They stated the definition of human, and also the virtue and morals of human. Even though every person is brought to life with the equal rights and dignity, people who give up on their rights should not be treated the same with people who don’t. Hurting other people and breaking social rules should not be tolerated when they are behind the line. The opposition side carried their opinion that these kind of people should be sentenced to death, for the rights of the victims and the society’s peace.


3. My Speech

Good morning fellow debaters and honorable judicators, this is the deputy prime minister.

I am here to talk about how ineffective, cruel, and simplistic response to the serious and complex problem of violent crime the death penalty is.

Before I introduce government’s third and fourth argument for prohibiting capital punishment, I would like to rebut on the leader of opposition’s argument.

The leader of opposition stated the reason for opposing the abolishment of capital punishment as reducing the crime rate. However, we believe fear of death wouldn’t be a suitable reason to reduce crime rate. Also, leader of opposition stated the criminal’s life isn’t important enough, since they gave up the dignity as a human. However, human dignity is not something “gave” or “taken away” from an individual. Every human being, regardless of their personality, behavior or ethics, deserves the equal amount

The opposition side argues that criminals are not included in “human” for they gave up the human dignity and has loose their rationality. However, not every people are perfectly rational. Embracing them and helping them to recover, or understand the rational part inside them, is the government’s duty and responsibility. That is why the government is told to paly the role of parents for a nation. We, government side believes in the more ideal part of the world. Also, we stand on the side of human right, which is surely given to every human being born in the earth.

1) Human dignity

– The lives of people should not be used by any means of punishing of their criminal act.

– The death penalty violates the right to live which happens to be the most basic of all human rights.

– It also violates the right not to be subjected to torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.

– Furthermore, the death penalty undermines human dignity which is inherent to every human being.

– No matter how heinous the nature of the crime may be, it does not make it justified to take away the most basic human rights, the right to live.

– Even if the criminal has infringed on the victim’s human rights, executing is encroaching another human rights and it would lead to just increase of this itself.

– According to Death Penalty Focus research, the vast majority of countries in Western Europe, North America and South America — more than 140 nations worldwide — have abandoned capital punishment in law or in practice.

– There are still countries which remain as the users of capital punishment.

– But the world is in the atmosphere of trying to ban and abolish the death penalty worldwide and Korea should not be excepted from this.

2) Cost

– The second point is that implementing and insisting on the death penalty system is financially a burden to the government budget.

– To kill someone, it takes a lot more complex procedure than we think. There are a lot to prepare.

– You need the facility for the execution and preservation of the dead body and this is what could make up for the budget.

– According to the December 2003 survey by the Kansas Legislative Post Audit, the estimated cost of a death penalty case was 70% more than the cost of a comparable non-death penalty case. Death penalty case costs were counted through to execution (median cost $1.26 million). Non-death penalty case costs were counted through to the end of incarceration (median cost $740, 000).

– In Maryland, death penalty cases cost 3 times more than non-death penalty cases, or $3 million for a single case, according to the Urban Institute, The Cost of the Death Penalty in Maryland.

– Also, there is this phrase in the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice. “In California the current system costs $137 million per year; it would cost $11.5 million for a system without the death penalty.”

– And, According to the Amnesty International, the greatest costs associated with the death penalty occur prior to and during trial, not in post-conviction proceedings. Even if all post-conviction proceedings were abolished, the death penalty would still be more expensive than alternative sentences.

– Furthermore, the death penalty diverts resources from genuine crime control measures. Spending money on the death penalty system means reducing the resources available for crime prevention, mental health treatment, education and rehabilitation, meaningful victim’s services, and drug treatment programs.

– It is not the case of Korea since Korea had stopped using the death penalty system for more than a year but this is generally what could happen. So instead of using this huge expense to kill someone it would be better and rather be meaningful to use it for another purpose. For example, many family members who have lost love ones to murder feel that the death penalty will not heal their wounds nor will it end their pain; the extended process prior to executions can prolong the agony experienced by the family. Funds now being used for the costly process of executions could be used to help families put their lives back together through counseling, restitution, crime victim hotlines, and other services addressing their needs.

death penalty2.png
(Photo Credit : https://steemit.com/writing/@eliseuy/no-to-death-penalty)
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