[SH] #4 Project Outline

by. Bong Eunseo

Project Topic : Feminism in Korea

*10 Initial Ideas

  1. Feminism in Korea
  2. Why is kimchi more delicious when cut with hands?
  3. Why shouldn’t we cut Makguksu when eating it?
  4. Historical drama in Korea; do they help students, or just confuse them?
  5. Copyright problems
  6. PISA the lier
  7. Korean safety ignorance
  8. Being family with heroes
  9. Kobayashi Maru; no-win scenario
  10. Are all good deeds punished?

* Why is this topic interesting and important?

  • It became big issue when a famous game company, Nexon, fired one of the women voice actors just because she wore a t-shirt with a slogan saying “Girls do not need a prince.” The t-shirt was made by Megalia4, a group of people who branched out of the radical feminist website Megalia.
  • This issue arouse issue of feminism in Korea, and many people started to consider this as a serious problem. Countless conflicts happended after Nexon fired the actor, and feminists in Korea didn’t stop even after the Nexon issue was not a hot issue anymore.
  • Watching this situation, I was curious about many things, and started to read books about feminism, read articles, and talk about the issue until I could arrange my thoughs a little bit.
  • I thouth this was a very important issue for everyone, even people outside Korea, so I decided to deal with feminism in my project.

*10 Subtopics or Questions

  1. What is misogyny?
  2. Misogyny in our daily life
  3. Misogyny shown in mass media
  4. Pregnancy and abortion
  5. Lolita, a victim of misogyny
  6. Discrimination and violation of women rights
  7. How males think about females, and the fantasies
  8. About ‘Ajae’ culture
  9. Crime and danger
  10. Solutions


  1. Introduction
    • What is Misogyny? : Dictionary definition of “Misogyny”
    • Short introduction to the efforts for women’s rights
  2. Body



(Photo Credit : http://www.butterfliesandwheels.org/2016/why-identity-feminism-divides-rather-than-conquers/)


(Photo Credit : https://www.munplanet.com/topics/feminism)

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