[SH] #5 Second Debate


by. Bong Eunseo


Motion : THBT Abortion at any will should be legalized before 24 weeks

Position : Government – Prime Minister


1. Main points of Government side

: Us, the government side, suggested that abortion at any will should be legalized before 24 weeks. The first two reasons were somehow similar; They were the issue of free will and unwanted pregnancy. The main argument was that not all women get pregnant because she wanted, and in those situations, women should be able to choose whether to give birth or continue her life without the baby. It is totally on her choice, not a matter of morality or future of human, to make a selection between those two. Another reason was that fetus are not considered as “babies.” In the field of science, fetus is not accepted as a complete human being. Instead, it is just a bunch of cells continuing to multiply, but not yet a complete living creature by itself. This means human rights cannot be applied when talking about abortion.


2. Main points of Opposition side

: The opposition side claimed that abortion should not be legalized, with several reasons and evidences. First of them was the human rights of the unborn babies. Although fetus is not completely accepted as a human being, it has organs growing including brain, and with two or three more weeks it will possess proper shape of a creature. Also they argued how cruel and violent method abortion is for both the mother and the baby. Despite of the vast development of technology, abortion still has a high danger rate of hurting the mother’s body. Finally, they insisted that legalizing abortion will lighten the dignity of life. By making abortion legal, people will start to think that whenever they have unwanted baby they can simply erase the existence of it, so they won’t care a lot about the weight of life.


3. My Speech

Good morning fellow debaters and honorable judicators, this is the prime minister Bong Eunseo, and here are our deputy prime minister Lee Soomin and government whip Lee Soohyeon. Today I am here to talk about how allowing abortion before 24 weeks is rightful and necessary for our society.

Before going through my argument in detail, I will briefly introduce arguments of our team. I will elaborate on unwanted pregnancy and free will of women, and our deputy will elaborate on the reason why abortion before 24 weeks is not against human right.

1)  Free Will of Women

Okay, now(bang) Let’s talk about condoms.

When you look at the package of a condom, you see this letters. “97%”

It means if you use this condom, 97 times out of a hundred sexual intercourses, you don’t get pregnant.

This number might appear to be quite a big number to you.

And let’s do some math. 100 – 97. (pointing) Calculate. (…) Yes! You get 3%.

This number might appear to be really small to you, for now.

But ladies and gentleman, do you! Know! How many sperm cells are in (shows with fingers) this amount of semen!

One ejaculation of semen (differs from 1.5ml to 6ml) contains about one hundred million sperms.

Let’s imagine, how big do you think a hole has to be to let a tiny tiny sperm cell to go through?

Yes, by a slight mistake, even with a ve-ry small reap in your condom, you can be the 3%.

(Clear my throat and change voice) And now, let’s talk about things a bit more…student.

What we should understand is that pregnancy and delivery is not the duty of women.

Yes, the female body is designed to be able to perform the role of reproduction.

However, it doesn’t mean that all women should have babies.

And we firmly believe that this right of free will should be applied in the range of already fertilized fetus.

Whether a woman wants to have a baby and raise the child, or thinks that baby is a burden and obstacle for her career, it is entirely on her choice.

Nobody can force her to give birth and be responsible for the child, just because she has unwanted, continuously multiplying bunch of cells in her body.

And having a baby, is actually a big burden.

Let’s imagine that I want to enter Samsung.

I put sooo much effort, studied really hard and did whatever it took to go into Samsung.

I get into Samsung, finish intern, and finally I am about to be an actual employee.

Then I have this one romantic night with my partner, wearing protection of course, and the next week I find out I am in the lucky 3%.

Now because of this unplanned, unwanted cells, I have to give up all I’ve established.

As you know, the society, especially Korean society isn’t that favorable to pregnant women.

You usually have to give up your career, and it is really hard to go back to work even after you give birth.

You have financial burden on you for both preparing the baby’s birth and raising a child.

Your health is also in danger. Being pregnant isn’t that simple task for your body. Every single part of your body, from head and neck to ankle and toes, you can feel pain. Unexplainable complications torture you for roughly ten months, and can even last forever.  For instance, according to the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics, one out of four women suffer from diabetes after giving birth.

2) Unwanted Pregnancy

(Serious tone) And I’m sure all of you understand, that some women are sexually harassed, and these people don’t even get the chance to use any method of birth control.

The victim is never guilty for any action she took. However, this unwanted pregnancy gives her burden and responsibility.

Isn’t it unfair? This violent, atrocious criminal can do nothing but just sit in the cell for few years, while the victim has to suffer from terrible memory and has to deal with this unwanted bunch of cells growing in her body.

Rape is never the fault of the victim. And if we really want to treat the victims right, we should let them escape from the horrible memory and pain, by choosing abortion.


(Photo Credit : http://rebloggy.com/post/rape-abortion-equality-politics-feminist-sexism-feminism-equal-rights-rape-cultu/102701622395_)


(Photo Credit : http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/sexinfo/article/arguments-and-against-abortion)



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