[SH] #6 Notes on the Annotated Forward

by. Bong Eunseo

In the original draft, the Savage is offered only two alternatives: an insane life in Utopia or life of a primitive. Life in Utopia represents insanity, and life of a primitive is lunacy. Huxley points out that he should have given the third alternative.”Sanity” is a very subjective notion. I believe making a sane world can be interpreted to making a better world. However, every person in this world has a different definition of “a better world.” That is why I believe a sane life for everybody is able to achieve—an individual can simply follow what he or she believes—but a sane world is not.

When he was young, he believed sanity is impossible. However, he thinks it is rather rare, but can be achieved. He is repenting his pessimism toward the sane world. Pyrrhonic aesthete is a phrase which Huxley used to show his regret toward the pessimistic point of view he used to have. The phrase itself can be interpreted as finding the value of art in burning down of something. Huxley wanted to criticize the way young Huxley viewed the world, how we can’t achieve a sane world.

“Si Monumentum Reguiris Circumspice” means “If you seek his monument, look around.” If you want to see great legacy, look for the things the greatest people had left here around us. / Aldous Huxley grew up reading works of the writers of lost generation. This is very / Some SF movies of these days can be seen as a form of prophecy.

brave new world.jpg

(Photo credit : http://www.themarysue.com/grant-morrison-set-to-adapt-brave-new-world/)

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